Friday, November 14, 2008

Barkcloth Holy Grail (for me)

I have just spent the most money I have ever spent on some Vintage Fabric. I have bought some Glen Court Barkcloth from America. Thanks to the crappy Aussie dollar it cost a tad more than I planned! It arrived at the start of this week.
I now have some.... and have already made two cushions to sell in an effort to offset the expense. (See Pics)
This is like the Holy Grail for me. I have salivated over this fabric in American listings for a long time. The print is exquisite and the different colourways are to die for.
I have yet to see any here.
I feel a bit better having bought it from a community organisation where the proceeds go to community projects.
BUT! It is just beautiful...
Search Glen Court Barkcloth worldwide on Ebay for an idea of what it can look like.
Off to dream of some other lovely things to make...............

Thanks for stopping by, Irene.

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