Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Blogging World and me

I must say I am amazed at the quality of boggers out there! Ive been on a blogging journey these past few weeks checking out fabulous blogs from around the world. So many clever women and men. What a fabulous medium this is to let you know what the rest of the world is up to.
The other thing is the quality of the blog pages - the layouts and backgrounds. I have got a long way to go havn't I!!
Well what have I been up to as well as school runs, fiesty 3 y.olds and attempting to keep the housework happening...

I have been experimenting with raggy 'Vintage fabric' and I made my first doorstop today as I was rather desperate for a Christmas present for my step-mother who ,of course has everything she needs...
I made some little fabric Christmas stockings from some pretty fabric remnants and added some old doily bits as decoration, then finished then them off with a white ribbon hanger and a mother of pearl button. They will go on white paper wrapped gifts as 'tags'.

The raggy cushions have worked quite well and I soaked them in some weak pink dye to give a little more texture and subtlety to them. They still look pretty white in the photos though. I love how the little one looks though. Smaller squares worked better.
I have been listing loads of vintage tablecloths on Ebay in an effort to educe the 'collection. I cannot believe how many I have accumulated. Shall take a break soon as Christmas is quiet of course for Ebay.
Found a FABULOUS book called 'Vintage Furniture Painting' by Karen Petrus Williams. Bought a copy from 'The Book Depository' where you can buy all manner of books online and they have free shipping all over the world!! And cheaper than here. I saved about $4 off the RRP here by buying it from them. I am going to decorate my Queen Anne Dressing Table that I bought off Ebay about 12 months ago and has languished in the garage since waiting for my 'Re~Vintaging'.
That's my project for the Christmas break with no more school runs to worry about and fine weather to work in (I hope!!)
Enough for now. My two cherubs are right in the middle of Arsenic Hour and its time to get them off to bed!
Goodnight to all!
Irene :)

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