Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Good morning from sunny Melbourne!
We are in for a little hot weather. Luckily the mornings are nice and I can let the boys out to play for a while before the heat sets in. They spent a lovely hour rediscovering we actually had a sandpit yesterday and did some massive earthworks! Nothing like two boys, some dirty sand and some Tonka! (We need to replace the sand)
On the Ebay front I've been listing lots of beautiful tablecloths. I can't believe how many I have amassed. Will just keep ploughing on with the listings so check them out. I have some lovely printed Vintage squares that I call Yard by yards as that is usually their measurement. Mum calls them Supper Cloths. Very 60's. Some pretty florals. Very little sewing the last week as these tablecloths have been my priority. Lots of lovely cloths for Christmas.
Found a nice old Shoe shine box a couple of days ago too. I think it was a School project from a number of years ago. The screws are for a flat head screwdriver so its a number of decades old at least! Am doing it up with a padded top and will probably paint the inside but the outside is beautifully Shabby green and I have just given it a bit of a wash. Even came with shoe brushes, laces, a shoe horn and polishes. Don't know yet if I will include that with the box when I list it on Ebay(!).
I also picked up the most beautiful Peony Roses from another Op Shop on the same day. They are just divine and all the buds have opened up. I would love to grow some. I must look into finding out about them. Can anyone enlighten me?
Can't resist not including some photos.
Thanks for stopping by , blog again soon! Irene :)

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