Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The latest!

I'm in the mood to do more stools (see previous posts), but the weather is not conducive to being outdoors at present so I am putting off going to the garage for the next set of 'Legs' for a stool. (To my delight all 3 of my previous stools have sold)

Instead I have re-re-covered a little footstool I have had stored indoors. I had some 'just ok' fabric on this but it never jumped out at me so off it came and on went a great Vintage Toile English style cotton I have had for a while. Possibly 50's.

As the stool is from the 60's and has the 'groovy' metal legs I decided to give this one a skirt to hide the legs as they did nothing for the fabric. It is now a cute little skirted stool ideal for the Shabbiest of decors or even a girls room. It can be sat on as it is very sturdy. The cover has a slipcover feel to it but is firmly attached. I will replace the worn plastic feet for rubber ones later today. I need to go and buy some :)

To be listed, if all goes as planned in my Thursday night listings on EBay.

Thanks for popping in and don't be afraid to tell me what you think.

Irene x


Sue said...

Very cute, and lovely fabric!You are very clever.

The Catnap Cottage said...

You are on a roll with those stools - just lovely and congrats on the sales!!