Friday, July 3, 2009

'Blog This' Challenge!

15 frivolous fascinating, far fetched etc.. facts about me.... for the 'Blog This' challenge :) So grab a quick cuppa and try not to fall asleep.....

1. Im a trained woodwork teacher

2. I worked on 1983 Myer Christmas windows

3. I love beetroot on fresh white buttered bread

4. I have too much vintage fabric (Yet I still seek more)

5. I had my eyebrows 'shaped' when I was 13 and the hair never grew back (too thin!)

6. I had my babies at 40 and 42.

7. When I was a nanny in England in the 80's I worked with a girl who had a friend who was the Nanny for Bryan Ferry's kids. I was a BIG fan of BF! Met her once and she said the family was a little strange.

8. My first ever 'real' concert was Roxy Music when I was 13 and I even lined up outside Festival Hall (in Melbourne)early to get tickets. I was second in line and got 6 rows from the front.

9. Soft, creamy, buttery yellow is my favourite colour

10. The best part of my day is when my sleepy boys (7 and 4) get up in the morning and I insist on a big morning cuddle and kiss.

11. I love Decor magazines with a Vintage theme. The US ones are the best but are too pricey now :(

12. The month I spent in Florence learning Italian was the best month of my life despite being the bottom of the class at Italian! Bellisima Firenze!!!

14. I loved living on my own.

15. I dream of opening my own 'Vintage' store one day. Until then I just live vicariously through Ebay. LOL! see previous post!!

Cheers, Irene x


Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Oh yes I agree that the US MAGS are the best, the aussie ones like Country Home are just full of reproduction new stuff, very boring. And havent the prices shot up on the US ones?! Love all your fabrics in the previous posts, I'm obsessed with sanderson fabrics too

Leila said...

Very interesting!!

megs said...

What a lovely blog! I'll be back!

Kathryn - MamaBoo said...

great read, thanks for participating!