Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Camera, Newly Made And Newly Found

Update 24/7/09 ~ All these are listed on ebay tonight :)

After four and a half years, thousands of photos and a few recordings my Canon Power Shot has died. A fantastic effort I think, but this morning I replaced it with a new Power Shot A1000 and am already catching up on photos for my latest ebay listings and for my blog. YAY! I missed a camera! A bit of a hole in the budget so here are some things I have been creating to sell and some of my latest finds. Having no camera forced me into a sewing frenzy (HAH! in between kids, housework etc....)

Two recent Ebay chair purchases have been Re~Vintaged with some of my lovely vintage Barkcloth from my collection.
I found an old Flour Bag that was just begging to be made into a cushion. Couldn't decide whether to use both sides on one or separate but then realised that you wouldn't be able to enjoy both sides at once so two it was.

And some wonderful finds that will make their way into my Ebay store amongst others as soon as I find some time to list ~ hopefully by Sunday night. (I need the money to pay for the Camera!!!)
A set of Vintage'oh! so cute new but old stock and straight out of the packet for the photo' wooden egg cups with red chicky designs. (You can still smell the freshly turned wood)
The most divine Vintage cross stitch of a pretty Crinoline Lady framed by a framer in Latrobe street Melb, probably in the 50'/60's.
A deliciously beautifully shabby plaster doorstop.
Vintage is so much fun. Re~Vintaging is even more!!!! I am especially pleased with the chairs :)

Warm wishes and thank you so much for dropping in
Irene X


Caroline at Caroline's Lost and Found said...

Oh, I love your new items and especially the flour bag pillow!! I have a sewing machine and totally need to keep on learning so I can start sewing more have inspired me to do so! Take care, Caroline

Eileen said...

Perfection! Every item!

Elizabethd said...

Lovely cushions Irene, I know all about barkcloth now!

Eilleen said...

ooog GORGEOUS!!!

Malissa said...

Everything is beautiful! I especially love the chairs, too. The one with the pon poms is my favorite! Great work and great finds!

The Catnap Cottage said...

Fabulous chairs and great finds! Love the egg cups too! Have a great weekend!!

Kellie Collis said...

Love the cushions!

Beach Vintage said...

The chairs are absolutely stunning. How clever you are.

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Irene
You've come up with some lovelies!!!
Are you pleased with your new camera? I bought one for myself for Christmas, it's a dud, I've gone back to using my old trusty one, which I think is even more than 4 years old!

Justin said...
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