Friday, September 4, 2009

ARRRRR There be Pirates in the House

Daddy and Big Boy Too are off to pre-school tomorrow morning to have their Fathers Day celebrations as 'Pirates'!

Guess who had to do all the work and didn't get an invite... :)

I'll live.
Happy Fathers Day to ALL Dads! and a wonderful weekend everyone.

Irene x


helle - said...

Thank you, you have a wonderful weekend too, Irene and let the boys have their "pirate-thing" for themselves..... and you go right ahead and have a cosy time on the couch instead.

Probably deserve it too!
Greetings from Helle

A-M said...

That's always the way. We do all the work.. but we love doing it, don't we! Your name is in my draw so good luck and thanks for visiting me! A-M xx

Beach Vintage said...

Thats what mums are for I think, maybe we should have 2 mothers days every year, one for us and one for all the extra work we have to do for fathers day...

Kellie Collis said...

Ah that is always going to happen! x

Eileen said...

Cute post!
You're a very good Mom!

Hey! When do you have 'Mother's Day'?
All the best,