Monday, March 15, 2010

For a seriously beautiful Jolt! of colour therapy go to visit with rose hip, a wonderfully talented Vancouver fabric artist!! I hope she doesn't mind me spreading the word for her :)

Love to all,
Irene x


Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

yummo ~ is that sis boom fabric in the last photo? I just adore Jennifer P's fabric range, I have a little of my own but havent worked out what to make from it yet as I love it so much!

Miss Sew & So said...

oh how much do i loooove those fabrics & those settings!
bit cheeky getting 2 mothers days -i know but i dooo sooo adore them & if i can have one extra special day then i'm very happy with that. We mama's should all have 2! did you notice the bunting i made had some barkcloth rose fabric in it? i was thinking of you and your fabric love when i made it...hope you had a lovely weekend with your crew....

Melissa x Miss Sew & So x

Paisley said...

So cute! I love the way she styles them too. Thanks for sharing!

Millie said...

Irene these are such a treat for the eyes, positively scrumptious!
Millie ^_^

Nancy said...

What beautiful linens. I'm sure she wouldn't mind you spreading the word!

helle - said...

Ohh, look at these cushions with the laces! They are really cute, reminds me of my summerhouse, miss being there!

Hope all is going well!!

Hugs Helle

Sue said...

They look like candy!
Gorgeous colours, and so much fun!

Alison Gibbs said...

Irene what great photos. Loving that wonderful fabric too.
What a sweet bedroom pic.

Jillian said...

You are right about the jolt of color but they are so's a nice jolt! Thanks for sharing it with us.


Ticking and Toile said...

Wow what beauty!! thanks for the lovely eye candy Irene! You could totally make pillows like that with all your awesome vintage finds!

Come by if you get a chance & see my frenchy bedroom makeover and enter my fabulous jeanne d'arc giveaway!


Eileen said...

Irene, I just popped in to let you know that your beautiful pillows arrived! I love, love, love them! They are wonderful! And so are you, and then the icing on the cake, you included those beautiful cross-stitch pieces! I absolutely love it ALL!
Thank you, Irene.
I posted about them on my personal blog (Umma's World), and I will be posting about them on my other blog (Stick Close To Home) next week.
Thank you again, Irene! I am so happy!
'Hope you and your family are well. I read back on some posts that I missed here and I enjoyed them all, especially the post of your little boy drawing with the chalk. So sweet.
Love to you,