Sunday, April 25, 2010

What to do???

I bought this sweet little extendable table from a wonderful lady in country Victoria. I had been looking for a table with some character for some time.

Clearly in need of a 'Re-Vintage'!
I want a table with a scrubbed top and painted legs and thought this would do the job.

Pretty detail that would paint up and distress nicely.

The legs have already been sanded back and given two coats of primer ready for the fun part! (yes- pre sanded and primed shot)


The thin coat of worn veneer and glue has sanded back to reveal plywood with timber edging where I had hoped for solid wood that I could leave and wax for a natural finish!
I should have known!
Any suggestions??????
Irene :(
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The Catnap Cottage said...

Hi - You can buy veneer at home improvement centers. You would probably glue it down and need a router to go around the edge. Your hubby may be able to do that or maybe a friend. Veneer is pretty inexpensive here in the States. Another option is just to stain it and seal it like it is. I have also seen special painting techniques on HGTV to make it look like the grain of wood. Danielle on Color Splash used a little stampa like thing that she drug across the wood with paint on it and it made the look of wood grain. Hope my ideas help. Good luck - I am sure you will find a fabulous solution as you are a very resourceful girl! :-)

bubbachenille said...

You could shabby the top,( paint then sand at random), this always looks good!

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Irene

Thanks so much for buying the painting on paper! so glad you are excited about it, I'd love to see how you frame it. I will change the spelling when I post it!

Now onto the table, a common mistake!
If you sand back the ply with a very fine sand paper - really just to even it out, you can then shellac it and finish it off with very fine wire wool and cream polish - Gilly Stephenson's from Bunnings is the one we use. Or you can shabby up the top by spray painting mission brown at random, mainly around the edges, then paint the top white/cream whatever, once dry sand at random around the edges - will look great, then polish

happy painting ~ Gail

Miss Sew & So said...

so thats where you've been -out looking for tables in the countryside!....sounds like the catnap cotage has the table top sorted, although i think i would just paint the top white and sand it off and enjoy it...but i,m a bit less organised- i'm sure hee hee! missed you!
melissa x

Sue said...

Ok here is my 2 cents worth!!
I would paint it and sand back to distress it, and paint the legs.It looks lovely, it would still look nice if you stained and estapolled, the edging would probably come out a bit darker, which would be a nice effect...
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

well you've got some good suggestions up there already so i will just add that it is a lovely table indeed!
ps. the one I restored was solid timber but we just sanded right back with belt sander and finished with non yellowing varnish. We were lucky as the veneer was on the sides rather than the top!

helle - said...

Such pretty table, wish I could help you with your problem, though!
I´m sure you´ll find a solution!


Alison Gibbs said...

Gail's idea to shellac the top sounds great.
Thanks for the comment on my last post - a shell wreath for the door is a great idea.

Ticking and Toile said...

Hi Irene,
Great find! I would just paint & distress the top w/ everything else! :) That will look fabulous too!


Beach Vintage said...

Oh god Irene.....I would have to go for a white, maybe a few coats then a shabby sand back I think. Good luck.

Miss Rayne said...

How about tacking on an oilcloth if the above suggestions don't work out, duckegg blue with cream spots looks great on a kitchen table