Sunday, July 4, 2010

School Holidays Babies

Being in the teaching game ones life is regulated by the terms ( and of course if you have kids!).
Some how I managed to drop both my boys in the first week of school holidays. My darling Big boy turned EIGHT!!! yesterday (where did the time go......) and ordered a chocolate train with blue icing. Turned out okay.
So right in the swing of school holiday things with another week to go.
Weather is very wintery, wet and cold but we don't have snow here so there's only the mud to contend with :) Might go to the sports Museum at the MCG today - hear its pretty good entertainment for the boys.
Hope its fine where you are - love to you all!!
Irene x


Anonymous said...

Hey Irene, your boy and i have the same birthday!! Didnt get a blue train for mine though (rats) Enjoy the school hols. Unfortunatly we DO get snow but not yet thank heavens!

Alison said...

Hope the birthday boy had a fun day. Look forward to hearing how it was at the MCG Sports Museum

A-M said...

My goodness, that is a wonderful cake! MY lad turns 8 in September. I am paralysed with fear over hosting birthday parties but he has not had one in all his 8 years so I am biting the bullet. Your cake has inspired me! A-M xx