Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ok, I made it!

Ok, I finally made it to the holidays and spent my Saturday morning madly carefully sewing some more Bunting for my 'Made It' store, because I have been in craft withdrawal!
Then spent the afternoon watching staring at two movies and pretty well ignoring everything else! 
 I think I need a holiday!!
('scuse the crummy photos - taken on my bed with the lights on 'cos its still raining here in Melbourne)
See you in a week with a give-away (hopefully) I have been planning for months but had just not got my act together!!
(From the crazy worn out woman)
Irene x


baysiderose said...

Your bunting is soooo gorgeous! Pam x

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Oh my goondess!!! I've seen buttings before, but never like THESE!!! Oh my gosh! What a fantastic idea! I come across so many "ordinary" linens, but never get them because, well, they're ordinary. But Wow!!! These buntings are anything but ordinary! LOVE THEM!
Patricia :o)

Ky said...

Gorgeous idea for bunting! Would love to see it hung. And I'm so over the rain and grey here in Mel. Where's the sun???

yardage girl said...

Excellent bunting - what a good idea!

Monique said...

Irene, do you ever come across coloured doilies? Like orange, yellow etc? If you do, can I commission you to make me a bunting please? Fank u ♥

helle - said...

Hope all raining stopped, Irene!
Great bunting project!!

Hugs Helle

Miss Sew & So said...

i make those too! :)

this country is doily heaven!!

how lovely are they! i have a huge long one across the windows in our bedroom- so lovely blowing there when the windows open...and we have a set for the garden for *tea-time*...

love them irene....hope melbourne has stopped raining -we've had it here in ol'blighty all day!!

melissa x

Miss Rayne said...

Irene, not having any luck with the blogger meassaging:-( can you send a meassage thru ebay? my ebay id is
wickedlady! (with exclamation point)
or alternately I'm on facebook

Flotsam Friends said...

Seriously, that is the cutest bunting I've ever seen. So worth every bit of effort you put into it. Don't be hard on yourself, I'm sure those movies gave you the inspiration to finish the job!! I'm going away for school holidays on Saturday and am going to be kicking myself if I miss out on one of your giveaways... Just joking, I'll catch the next one right?? Hope the rain stops, it's been cold here in Sydney too but at least no rain (as yet)... Great job again. You're work is inspiring. Pruxxx

Pear tree cottage! said...

This is adorable and I am so proud to find such specail pieces on an aussie blog and ever better a victorian blog...........I almost feel I know you! hehehehehe!

Lee-ann, Kyneton Victoria