Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The City that has a day off for a 'Horse Race' means that...

The City of Melbourne (which has been my home for nearly all my life)  has a day off for a pretty big Horse Race known as the Melbourne Cup, first Tuesday in Nov. Its been going for 150 years this year. Its a BIG day for the Racing game and Melbournians, lots of whom have dressed up in their finery and gone swimming in the wet wet grass that is the track this year. Some even go in 'fancy dress'. Quite a lark :)
Not being much interested in anything equine my interest is only in passing. However ...

1. I get a four day weekend.
2. I have actually rested on the weekend and have crafted today.
3. Have been mentally preparing myself for reports season at work.
4. Can now begin the countdown to the end of the school year for me and the boys, who actually finish after I do (snigger!)
 but, 5. Am able to do all the washing in one day but because it is 'still' raining and! will have it keeping company with us, in the house, for the next few days.  Yes it is Spring here (I think...).

  Crafting up some bunting out of a great Vintage Tablecloth I found last week.Wanted to try some thing different. Cut it according to the print to make up the flags.

And thought you might enjoy the cute framed, embroidered Hollie Hobbie I came across in a local Op Shop yesterday. The blue fabric for the background is a little more intense than the photo has come out as. Very Cute!!

Hope you liked my sharing this week.
What have you been up to?
(and by the way, I hope your horse won)
Irene x


NessaKnits said...

Growing up, my sister and I had Holly Hobby posters hanging on the wall! Very cute! And I missed the Melbourne Cup doing the school pickup in NSW!

Ky said...

Oh Irene, that Holly Hobby is just adorable. I would have snapped it up too! What a rare find.

I bought a 1950's printed tablecloth at the Camberwell Markets a week and a bit ago. Would you mind visiting my blog and look a couple of posts back and tell me if its barkcloth. I don't think it is, but you're the expert. I just loved the print on it and had to have it. Those markets are the bomb!!!

Miss Sew & So said...

loving that your gorgeous vintage t.cloth can make that much beautiful bunting!!

missing melbourne cup day!

thankyou for my tag...when the masses leave the house bound for oz i will have moment to think about it dear friend!!

loved your thoughts...your boys look soo lovely....how proud were you when he got up and sang with the class...one of my closest girlfriends in syd has a son with aspergers...and he's now in yr 6...can be tricky for him at that age and her...he's such a great kid...

hope the sun comes out for you at some stage...!!

melissa x

Christine Jargick said...

I love the Holly Hobby! I love horses, I have my own horse, I have been to a horse race. That doesn't interest me. I love that bunting, it is so pretty!

Irene said...

I love Holly! I bought two vintage pillowcases from Etsy for my girls, but they don't look impressed. So I'm going to use them for TV watching at the den! LOL!