Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Has it always been this busy?

Boy oh boy! I'm busy!
Talk about flat out!!!
These are six of the seven cushions I sewed up today to give to teachers and aides on Friday. The school year winds up for my boys then.
Not a leisurely sewing day either - flew through them all as quick as I could!

But I have to say these two 80's prints I picked up a week or so ago from an op shop have sewn up well :)

 This is from my stash

As is this.

 I was at Spotlight yesterday and this was going for $4 a metre! Curtain fabric, nice and wide....mmmmmm yum...
I made a cushion out of this but have already gifted it to the lady who looks after the boys before and after school as we won't see her Friday, so no finished pic.
Its soooo pretty and fresh!!

And I ran out of inserts.....

Another! busy one tomorrow so I'm off to bed.
Irene x



Bayside Rose said...

Love the fabrics in these cushions especially the rose print. Lucky teachers and aides. Great idea!
Pam x

Kellie Collis said...

They're lovely! Great gift ideas! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

Monique said...

Love the first two... of course! lol

helle said...

How sweet of you to make them such wonderful gifts Irene, you make sure to relax a bit too!


Paint Me White said...

Irene you have been busy, these all look amazing - lucky teachers I say. Sandy x

theoldboathouse said...

What lucky teachers! I hope there were no fights in the staff room over who got what pattern ha...just joking they are all wonderful, cheers Katherine

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

HEAVENS Irene....You're a SPEED DEMON....hahahahaha....It would take me HALF a day just to thread my bobbin....SERIOUSLY....!

How SWEET of you to remember your kids Teachers & Aides....Your kindness will bring SMILES to their lips for sure....!

No WONDER you're so busy though....hahahahaha....!!

THANK YOU as always for your comment....Oh YES....Where WOULD be be sometimes without the ability to just 'go thriftin'....hahahahaha....!!

Hope you're having a WONDERFUL weekend....!

Tamarah :o)

Anonymous said...

gorgeous cushions, think i will make some today too, you have inspired me!