Monday, January 10, 2011


First of all please forgive my c**p photos. I have a little point and shoot and our house is terribly dark!! (ONE! north facing window!!!!!!)
This is the story of my sideboard... (grab a cuppa and some Tim Tams girls..)

One morning while driving to my sons Pre-school (yes this is at least 18 months ago) I spy a Hard Rubbish pile with this rather impressive sideboard (or set of drawers or dressing table less the mirror????) with 6 drawers.  It was a 'yes' moment to be sure!
As you can see it's not insubstantial so the only way I could see to get it home was to pile all six drawers into the car, trying not to smother my baby in his car seat and to pray I could fit the body of the sideboard into the boot. I have a large Sedan so boot space is good but not unlimited. And! I had no tie-downs of course. The only redeeming thing was that I was two minutes from home! AND! you know if I left it till later it would have been gone....
 into the car and into the boot ( just fit but hung out with the boot wide open, precariously) it went. All the while morning traffic is streaming along the road. I can only imagine what they were thinking! Slowly but surely I drove back up the dirt roads, being oh, so careful of the potholes and bumps, into our driveway, unloaded it out into the front yard and took off back to the pre-school. Yes, we were late!
It has stood on my back veranda ever since gathering dust and spiders until the last few days when I finally rolled up the sleeves and went to it! Yay! holidays...

In position in the hallway. No handles as yet

Three coats of undercoat and two of a colour called 'Aqua Image'. Not sure who it's by as I purchased it a while ago as a generic sample pot while trying out some kitchen colours. The whole thing was originally cream but had been repainted a mustard and then the green.
These are the original handles with the 'original' colour. A sort of grey/green. I want to keep the handles and re-use them but am undecided about the colour. They need to be cleaned and recoloured. Any suggestions!!?

Pretty details ...and yes this drawer needs fixing too. The only one too! Runners broken on one side.

Looking at my ordinary photos does tell me I need to put a protective layer over the top to make the sanding/distressing spots a little less obvious Wax??
So for the moment I have put my clock collection on it.
You cannot believe how perfect the fit is for this wall. It's like it was made for it!
(Don't you love the reflection of the vacuum hose in the blue mirror clock! lol)

Rather pleased with this as it provides some desperately needed storage possibilities as well being as the start of my re-doing this house of ours.

One thing off my BIG list of 2011 'to do's.
How is your list going?

Love to you all :)
Irene x


Naturally Carol said...

Looks great, how fantastic to get all that storage space for next to nothing! What do the handles have to go with...I was thinking the colour of oxidised would be good, or a grey or get new glass or porcelain ones...or take those back to the original..strip them back. Show us when you do them...please.

The Catnap Cottage said...

Girl! I can just imagine you wrestling that piece into the car! LOL!! It is indeed fabulous and I love the color and the way the finish looks - I do think you are right about putting a poly or something on the top. And for the knobs, I kind of like those with that green color on them. But you could do glass ones for a more cottage look or simple round metal knobs, maybe an antique bronze finish. Just get some samples and try them out. Good Job!

Beach said...

Wow, I would have done anything to get that piece into my car! Happy New Year Irene.

Lyndel said...

Fantastic job. I saw the sweetest dresser the other day, and the girl said it only had 1 handle left when she ''found'' it, so she's replaced the handles with ribbon for now, just threaded thru the holes, pretty bows at front, just until she finds the 'perfect' ones. May be worth a try, and I must add I love your clocks!

Bayside Rose said...

I can just imagine you shuffling pieces of that dresser into your car. I think I would have too!! Good on you. Looks fabulous Irene. love your cushions as well -(an earlier post).
Pam x

Monique said...

I have no doubt that the sideboard was coming with you whether or not it fit into the car! Love what you've done with it... the colour is so pretty! I like the handles... maybe stripping them back to see what they are underneath? BTW, that glass clock is a stunner! Don't recall you ever telling me about that one! ;)

Elizabethd said...

What a find...and worth all the trouble to get it home! I'd strip the handles back, and if you dont like them...start again with new ones, maybe pretty china ones.

Alison Gibbs said...

What a great find, it looks fabulous

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Hello Irene Love....!

I hope this note finds you well....!

I'm LOVIN' your sidboard makeover but more importantly....I'm SO CHUFFED you found it in the HR....WAY TO GO....!!

....hmmmmmm....Are the drawer pulls metal....? They may look nice spayed a medium bronzey colour....White night has a couple of tints that may be worth looking at....!!

Now in the future....If you ever see anything in the HR that DOESN'T fit into that car of yours, you'll have to give me a buzz....I'll have more time to do junk realted 'stuff' now that I've resigned from work & have a nice sized van to accomodate all manner of BULKY HR pieces....!!!!!

THANKS for your note re my recent mishap....I'm fine....Just sounding a little like Demi Moore on a BAD day....hahahahahaha....NOTHING like a little independence....!!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

make it perfect said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see the blue mirror clock on your wall! Fantastic find Irene, yes I have jammed a few roadside finds into my car like that too. Its worth the short bit of embarrasment for sure. Looks great!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Ialways think that ANYTHING will fit in the car if I want it enough!!! I just push and push until it gets in!

This is lovely. What a great find. Just waiting there for you!


Janelle aka AussieJ said...

Just found your blog and love it.I love clocks too but most of mine are wall clocks