Monday, January 24, 2011

It's all over....

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Time's up!
Auctions are over friends :)
I would like to thank the wonderful Tamarah at Shabby Vintage Junk, Hellohello Baby, jeniodello and Jelly Bean Book for their winning Bids
I have contacted you all except jeniodello as I have no email address for you, nor can I access your blog so if you would be good enough to contact me again I will guide you through the next stage of the process.

This has been a wonderful way to be involved in aiding the recovery of so many people. (I have also sent some items to Craft Relief and will be forwarding on more cushions to Naturally Carol. More on those soon.)
I am pleased to say that my little blog has generated $160.oo!
I am very proud.
What a great community of bloggers you are!

Irene xxxxxxxxx


Elizabethd said...

Well done Irene. I'd love to know how much the lovely cushions in No 3 went for?

Bayside Rose said...

Congratulations Irene, You had some really lovely items. Pam x

Alison Gibbs said...

That is fabulous Irene.

Jo Windmill said...

Well done Irene, such a great effort!
If you happen to contact jeniodello, could you please steer her to me at the maidenhair tree raffle. ta! same reason, can't contact.

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Hi Irene....!

I've just returned form Fryerstown toi find I'm one of the LUCKY winners of your Auction....!

I've just made my deposit via EFT:

Payment From Westpac Choice *****
Payer Name TAMARAH *******
Description QLD Flood Relief
Payment To

Account Name Account BSB Account Number Description Amount


Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal 064013 10006800 QLD Flood Relief $30.00


Withdrawal Receipt No 1239863
Deposit Receipt No 2239868
Payment Date 26 January 2011 *
Date submitted 26 January 2011
Time submitted 22:33 AEDT

I'm HAPPY for you to hold on to my YUMMY bunting until your next visit to Camberwell though....!!

Cheers for now & THANKS again for affording us this opportunity to donate to such a WORTHY cause,
Tamarah :o)

Jo Windmill said...

Hey Irene, I ended up not having to contact jeniodello as she didn't win the raffle. So, sorry , no contact for her.
Good luck!

theoldboathouse said...

Hey Irene well done and a big
Congrats to the lucky bidders xx Katherine

Jelly Bean Books said...

Thank you so much Irene - I have received the cushions and they are so gorgeous! The placemat was fantastic too - just the thing to co-ordinate my living room :)
You must be so proud to be part of such a terrific effort on the part of the blogging community - well done!
~ Christine xx