Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Queensland Floods Appeal Auctions Items - Hand Dyed Bunting and Cushions

Wed Jan 19 Auction Update!

Item 1 is up to $30

Item 2 is up to $50

Item 3 is up to $35

Item 4 is up to $30

Total of $145.00 so far!!!!!for mine.

But the overall total so far for all the auctions is.............$45.000.00!

Thankyou for all your bids so far everyone. Keep them coming :)
See previous post!!!!
Irene xx


Elizabethd said...

Well done Irene!

Naturally Carol said...

You're doing well...feel up to making a few extras...looks like there won't be any leftovers? {which I am pleased about}

A-M said...

How gorgeous is that purple bunting. You are seriously talented! Well done on the auctions. A-M xx

theoldboathouse said...

Well done, they are going so well but I am not surprised they are all seriously wonderful. So great that people are being so generous with all the great fundraising that is going on, very inspiring, cheers Katherine