Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pay It Forward, Thanks, Happy Easter & Big News!

Big post friends, grab a cuppa! I have some catching up to do!!!!

Firstly I have to send my unbelievably late but heartfelt thanks to Judy Kent of the exquisite blog French Laundry (this was the post) who participated in the Pay It Forward project. I was the incredibly lucky recipient of her Pay It Forward gift of the most beautiful Lavender Sachet I think I have ever ever had!! And she sells them in her Etsy store, so go have a squiz!(A 'look' in Aussie slang)
I just salivate over her blog header every time!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Judy XXXXXXXXXXXX

And another BIG BIG Thank you to Alison Gibbs of  the blog of the same name who also participated in the Pay It Forward concept.

Glorious sea glass that now resides in a little glass jar I picked up at an Op Shop, a couple of little Cath Kidson bath products - my first ever, I am so exited!! And how beautiful is that card by Alison. I want to frame it, sooo pretty!!!
If you have never popped by Alison's blog, please do as she lives in a beautiful part of Melbourne, my home town too and she takes the most fantastic photos as well as being a loving and proud Gran. I always enjoy popping by and finding out what she has been up to. We must catch up one day Alison!!!
Both ladies made my day in a very stressful time. Again...Thank you!!

So this leads me to my Pay It Forward...
The first Three bloggers to comment on this blog will be the recipients of my Pay It Forward gift. I will parcel up a small gift to send on to you and you can then do the same for others through your blog.
Share  the love and kindness, especially during this Easter season. Just because you can.
Call it Random acts of kindness if you like too.
Easy Peasy ;)

And the next big thing is that I have been accepted as a Vendor at The Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza to be held on June 3 & 4 at the Ashburton Scout Hall, High Street Ashburton!!!!
I'm probably crazy as a cut snake to take this on as well as everything else I have on my plate but I am so exited and have been planning and scheming already.
Look ...some of my things that will be for Sale...

And yesterday and today I....
finished sewing up eight cushion covers...

soaked and washed my first batch of doilies for bunting etc... (two more buckets full soaking as I write),

began washing fabrics!

And endured a very large delivery from the Big EB!!!
(The boys are already on a chocolate diet and wont be needing lunch)
Happy Easter everyone, however you celebrate it!!
Don't forget my Pay It Forward gifts to the first three commenters - just be sure I can contact you.
I'll leave it at this for now. More on the SVJ Extravaganza soon
(Woo Hoo!!)

Love to all XX Irene xx


Lyndel said...

Oh wow Irene, can't wait to meet you at Ashburton, it's very close to home for me♥
I'm not sure how the Pay it Forward works, but happy to find out. Happy Easter.

Elizabethd said...

Happy Easter Irene.You have had some beautiful gifts.

Monique said...

Please don't include me in the PIF but congrats!!! on getting into the Junk Extravaganza! I wish I could be there. Oh, and look at that cushion fabric... *swoon* Missing you xxx Happy Easter to you & your family.

Hellohello baby said...

Hi Irene!

My bunting and dollies arrived today! Opening the packadge gave me a sent from Australia. I am so thrilled and happy. Will post about it tomorrow.

Thank you so much for caring words and lovely cards...

Hellohello baby said...

Hi again Irene :)

Dont miss my down under post!