Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year to One and ALL

Happy, happy and a happier New Year to everyone and all!!

I'd like to start the first blog of '09 with an image of a little project I have completed for my 'Re~Vintaged' Shop on Ebay. A little Re~Vintaged teacup that is now a pretty little pincushion or brooch holder for a dressing table.

What doyou think?

Christmas has wound up with the usual exhaustion and I am now looking towards a new and even better year for the development of my little business 'Re~Vintaged'.

I have had the Ebay store for nearly two years and it has developed slowly as I have learnt more about myself and what exites me the most. I hope that what I am making to sell as well as what I find to sell reflects this.

I will be featuring more Vintage linens and fabrics as well as dropping in the odd collection of handmade and Re~Vintaged items as I find the time to create them.

Big Boy will be in Grade 1 this year and Big Boy Too will have his three sessions a week in Pre-School so I will be a Taxi Mummy but hopefully will be able to utilise those few short hours alone to be creative and build up my business. (Oh my beautiful babies you have grown so quickly!)

I am hoping to eventually have an online shop of my own. Can anyone give me some advice on how to go about that?
In the next few days I will have my first lot of listings on Ebay. I also hope to open an ETSY shop within the week and put handmade things there too. I will add some images of some of the pretty things I have for this first lot of listings for '09. Remember you saw them first here!!

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Malissa said...

You have really beautiful items that reflect your beauty inside and out!
I love how you call your babies your cherubs. My little one(in 1st grade also) used to have really curly hair and I would call him my little cherub baby.
Good luck with all of your projects! I usually start out the new year very ambitious and wonder what happened and where the year went by the time the holidays roll around again.