Saturday, December 20, 2008

We are finally in the midst of setting up our Christmas decorations. Big Boy Too has his birthday on the 16th of Dec so we decided not to make a fuss about Christmas until after his birthday. As he is now four this will probably go on for a few years yet. We hope he realises in time that he is more important to us and Christmas will have its turn after his birthday.

And as it invariably goes - the vacuum cleaner died and we will now have to allocate precious time on the weekend before Christmas searching for a new one! Yuk - I have done all I can to avoid the Christmas crowds!

And I hate vacuuming

That's enough of my whingeing so on a happier note I would like to wish all who view this blog the happiest of Christmases with those you love most be it in Sun or Snow!

(I think we are in for a nice day with some sunshine)

I hope you like my home-made Christmas wreath, fashioned this morning from ivy collected by myself and my able assistant Big Boy Too.

We already have hand cut paper snowflakes on the front windows and the Christmas tree and decs are being extricated from the garage as I write.

Have a peaceful, happy and blessed Christmas, :) Irene XX


Malissa said...

I'll put you down! I really need an e-mail address to contact you for follow-up info. If you could e-mail me one that would be great!

looking forward to hearing from you!

Vintagesquirrel said...

Hello Irene, Your barkcloth fabric and pillows are gorgeous. We, too, have handcut snowflakes my kiddos and I have made in recent years. I haven't yet hung them up. Thanks for reminding me. We're actually expecting a snowstorm tomorrow for new Year's Eve. I just lov the stuff!