Thursday, December 18, 2008

Op Shops

How I love my local Op Shop. Often its the only one I get to as I can drop by after my morning school run. I have found some fantastic things (as you do if you can go regularly). A lot have gone through my Ebay store RE~VINTAGED but I also keep things, do some up or even use them myself. The Big Boys have done well too with toys for the sandpit and such.

Yesterday I found this beautiful Degas print. Bit tatty and dirty but definite potential. I pulled it apart and cleaned it up. I painted then rubbed back the gold frame as I felt it too dark for the picture. I put it back together again (but dont let my friendly local framer know - he would cringe if he saw how I did it!) and viola it is now up on my bedroom wall!

I did ballet as a young girl but was just too 'big' so it didn't last however I have always loved the Ballet and this is a very beautiful pastel by Degas.

All for the princely sum of $7.00.

I am rather pleased with myself.

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