Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It was Big Boy Too's birthday yesterday. He is 4! My baby has a new favourite number. :)

The first thing he said after he got out of bed wasn't 'goodmorning mummy' or 'I'm ok' like he usually does - he stood their sleepy and clutching 'blankie' and said 'am I 4?'

Yes the day had finally arrived.

We gave him a proper bike for turning 4. Mind you with training wheels, just like Big Boys.

And he gave me a present that afternoon. He wanted to look like one of the characters in one of his fathers computer games so he crept into the kitchen with a black texta and ever so quietly had lots of fun transforming himself!

Thank God for Body Shop make up remover! And God Bless my beautiful 4! year old boy :)

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