Friday, January 30, 2009

Phew it's HOT

We live in the Hills near Melbourne so if we want to go to the beach it is about a 40 min drive. My boys had no memory of ever being at the beach so last week (before it got TOO HOT like it is now- officially a Heat Wave that is rewriting the record books, day and night -consequtive days of over 42 degrees C and more to come in the mid 30's) I took them for a few hours in the morning before the sun got too strong.
We are very fortunate here in Melbourne to have a very large bay and lots of beautiful quiet beaches to visit. I took the Big Boys to a section at Seaford where there is a small pier and gentle water with sandbars.
You have to climb a small dune/hill to get to the beach but when they both got to the top ahead of me of course, they both stopped dead in their tracks and stared at all the blue sky and sea. I don't think they could believe that what they were looking at was real! It was a moment I will never forget!

Then they were off and after a quick run up and down the pier they launched into the happiest sand castle making I think I can ever remember. Big Boy often stopped to go 'paddling' as he called his dips and Big Boy Too shifted so much sea water with his bucket into their moat I am sure the water level lowered by a centimetre or two! After two hours of non-stop fun I had to play the bad guy and drag them home. It was warming up and the beach was beginning to fill up. But going to the beach was a winner and now ranks up there with going on Puffing Billy!

Thanks for dropping by! Irene x


The Catnap Cottage said...

Oh, I am so jealous - they warned of a snow and ice storm about like the one we had in 1993 and it does not snow and ice here much. Thanks so much for the virtual vacation. I love the sea!! said...

oh dear, I saw on the news this morning how hot it is down there, its pretty hot here and that's bad enough - we had a 44C day last week and it was totally unbearable, I heard you have the power out in places too, eeek

thanks for popping my my blog, good luck with your reno, hard work but exciting!!