Saturday, January 31, 2009

HELP I need sewing machine advice and a Give-away

In an earlier post I lamented the passing of my Janome Sewing machine that I have had since I was 21. Its sad passing leaves me in the unenviable position of having to find a replacement. I would appreciate some advice from other sewers as to what is the best machine for my needs these days. You are the best people to ask!

As thanks for your time I am offering a little give-away.

No sewing machine has meant I have been making some little things by hand as time allows.

I have made a sweet little Vintage Valentine Red Toile Hearts Hanger in a lovely rich red Waverly fabric with pretty little mother of pearl buttons as detail and hanging from some vintage pink grosgrain ribbon.

I will have a draw in two weeks time which will appropriately be Valentines Day - Feb 14, from any comments/advice I have received from this post only. Posts will be included up until the draw on Valentines Day itself.
Any posts I make are dated differently to when I actually write them. For example I am writing this at around mid-day Saturday Jan 31, but the Blog time is not in line with Melb, Australia time so will read differently) This is open to all bloggers with any advice. I will send overseas :)

So what do I need in a Machine? .......

Reliability of course!, I sew a lot of lightweight fabrics but also sew things like Barkcloths for simple upholstery items so it needs a little grunt. I have discovered Raggy quilts so it will need to have the potential for a reasonable amount of thickness to the fabric (and a walking foot)

I do not 'quilt' in the traditional sense nor would I use fancy embroidery stitches.

I have to save up for it myself by selling my goods on eBay so cost is an issue.

So I am open to any help you may have regarding preferences. I do not have the opportunity to spend hours in sewing machine shops with two young boys so I am asking for help to find a starting point that will save me legwork.

And as thanks for your time you may be the winner of my little Hanger. I hope you like it.

Please make sure that you have left me some means to contact you should you be the winner, either with a blog of your own or email address.

Thank you all in advance!!

Irene x


The Catnap Cottage said...

Irene - I had to purchase one last year and I bought a Singer. It is a traditional brand and you can get them with all sorts of bells and whistles. I am a pretty simple sewer so I got one with straight stitch, zig zag, and some other finishing stitches and a few fancy topstitches. It was not expensive. Buying a sewing machine is a lot like buying a car. You gotta think, okay, what do I need this machine to do and what is out there to accomodate my needs! If you are a simple sewer like me, we both sew barkcloth, then you need a dependable brand with a little more than basic stuff, not a super fancy embroidering machine with a serger. The old saying goes to find the prince you need to kiss a lot of frogs, so get to kisssing, I mean looking at machines. I am sure that perfect machine is out there for you. Good Luck!!!! Cindy

kana said...

Hi Irene,

Sorry about your machine! I have had an Elna for about 20 years and love it. If I had to buy one now, I would probably get a Bernina or Viking. But, it really depends on what you want to make with the machine. There are so many great machines now, as the technology just gets better year after year. Good luck with your choice and let us know what you purchase! I LOVE your hearts....another great job.


wiredlinda said...

I have a Designer I that does everything. But I know I don't do everything. They sell one for around $250, that is a great deal. I would also go with a Bernina. Mine does machine embroidery, with 2 sons and 3 grandsons, I really do not feel the need for a lot. I am going to use it on some quilting. You really just need to know what you will be using your machine for.


Oakrose said...

Kia Ora Irene. I have been sewing for year and have worn out the gear shafts of both a Singer and a Huskqvana. I then bought an Ela Airmatic which I have used heavily for 25 years and it is still going strong. As well I have a new beaut Elna and guess which one I still use the most. My daughter also has an Elna which she has used in her shop sewing strong cottons, leather and lace dresses (and 4 kids as well) and no problems. We have both found that the backup and service of Elna agents has been second to none which is a plus in this throw away age!! A sewing machine is a very personal item and we all have our own little foibles naturally but from experience I would most definitely buy Elna again. Have fun.... Cheers, Marilyn

Dresden Plate said...

I have just found your blog, and wonder if I might add a comment.About 15 years ago I said good bye to my old Singer machine and bought a Janome New Home machine. I wouldnt change it for anything!It does all the basics, plus some embroidery stitches, it has a quilting foot, and is light enough to carry around. I love it!