Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Latest Greatest Finds

Popped into a couple of my favourite Op Shops recently and thought you might like to see some of my favourite finds. Isn't this a beauty! An old hand painted tray with Easter egg wrapper under glass that has been painted on the reverse. Would be quite old. $5! Someone put a hanger on the back as well so it can be hung but it still has the four round stoppers in each corner. Needs a good cleanup though. I will probably offer this one on Ebay soon. Veeerrry Cute!
A lovely old canvas covered picnic case with leather fixings. $3 I will add that to my vintage suitcase collection that I use for storage..... Don't you love the inside! and the lovely striped fabric on the surface- Or is it only me that gets exited by such things ;)

Also purchased another little rose to add to my 'little' garden. Came from an Op Shop too. It has to survive a four year old with a stick as well as the variable Melbourne climate but I could not resist the colour!

As you can see there were a few other things but these were my stand outs.
Lots happening these few weeks - Feb is turning out to be a major month!
*Don't forget to send me your opinion of what I should consider for my new sewing machine in my previous blog. I have a little handmade hearts hanger as a thank you to one lucky commenter on Feb 14.
Believe me any help is appreciated.
Hope this finds everyone happy and healthy no matter what the weather!!
Irene x


Nelly said...

Fabulous stuff! I have been staying away from this shops and I so miss going and finding such surprises.

kana said...

I love the suitcase!

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Irene
You always seem to find some fantastic treasures!

Happy Hunting!

Leslie said...

What treasures! I especially like the case. I love to go to thrift stores, garage sales and flea markets. I search through all the tables and shelves that look like "junk" to find the coolest things for a great price. One man's trash is another man's treasure!