Sunday, January 18, 2009


A very good and reliable friend passed away yesterday. Maybe it was age, maybe just too weary to go on, maybe I worked her too hard for too long and didn't take quite enough care.... whatever, my trusted workhorse that was my sewing machine has died.
I made one new cushion for my sofa and had some difficulty with stitching and zigzag but despite a clean and the usual tinkering, it seems that this time it is over.
I have had her for 26 years. I received her new for my 21st birthday and since then she has sewn innumerable clothes, curtains, toys, cushions and the list goes on...
I made my wedding and bridesmaids dresses on her when I got married.
She has travelled to so many different places as I moved from rented place to rented place until I bought my first home. She made all the curtains and soft furnishings for that home as well as the first home my husband and I bought and have had our children in..
So many things, so many memories.

Where do I start looking for another sewing machine I can trust as I trusted her?
Thank you my Janome, for all your hard work and pleasure.
Where do I start looking now.......... :(



The Catnap Cottage said...

Oh, my, buying a new sewing machine is kind of like trying to find a new bra. So sorry you lost her and good luck with the replacement! Cindy

Original Mischief said...

Sorry to hear you lost your love :( But think of all the fun you'll have 'testing' out a replacement!

kana said...


Sorry to hear about your machine. I have had my Elna for about 21 years and still love it. The good news is that sewing machine technology is always improving, so for the right price, you will have a great new machine.