Thursday, January 8, 2009


When I was a girl I had (and still have somewhere) a collection of those cute little playing cards we called Swap Cards. I haven't played with those for years so I guess now I'm all grown up (!) I have graduated to 'blog Swaps'. As you can see on my sidebar there are two swaps I have signed up for -The Very Vintage Valentines Swap organised by the fabulous Heidi of 'Foxgloves, Fabrics and Folly' and the Bits and Bobbles Swap, organised by the lovely Malissa of 'Sleepy Hollow Folk At Originals'. Thank you, Thank you to both wonderful ladies for hosting these swaps.

I have received my partners name for the Valentines swap and am delighted to get to know Kana of Tennessee. Isn't it a wonderful thing to get to know someone new like this!
Kana has loads of things already. Talk about setting the bar high! I have a few and have been agonising over what else to include in her little box of indulgences. Have to be careful of what I send so it doesn't end up in a customs bin! But I think I will be okay. I want to make a few little things.
Needs to be sent off before the 21st of Jan. Can't let you into any of the goodies yet, at least until Kana has received them herself otherwise I will spoil the surprise. I will post some pics when I know it is 'safe'!
I already have a bag of goodies ready for the Bits and Bobbles swap. That was fun to gather. I went through some of my supplies and gathered together some lovely crafting things that I think I would like to have myself.

This is great fun.
I will update my blog with information related to these swaps as time permits. I don't want to spoil any surprise!
Enjoy your day! Irene :)

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kana said...

Hi Irene,

Good thing you are not posting any goodies, because I was looking today!