Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lots of Unfinished Vintage Sewing

Good morning to you all from a foggy Melbourne morning.

Hard to believe its nearly halfway through summer and I have the heating on! It's a foggy morning out there as I write. Hopefully it will clear to a fine day. I left the washing on the line overnight didn't I!!

I have been busy listing a lot of unfinished Semco and Myart Doilies I found recently. I was tempted to have a go at them myself as I do love to sit quietly and sew by hand but I promised myself that this year I would not 'keep' everything I liked a lot as opposed to just like. If I am going to up the ante in my Ebay business I have to sell more than I have been. And I have so many lovely things waiting to be listed too.
My plan for 2009 is to save for things that need to be done in our house. So much is falling apart. We live in a house that was built in the 1970's probably as a holiday house, so the fixtures and fittings reflect a money saving design. It was also a rental property for a long time so was not in the best condition there either. The kitchen for example was pretty much original and has had some patch jobs but needs to be totally pulled out and rebuilt. Drawers have already fallen apart, tiles are gone etc... rust red tiles and dark brown laminate. Great, and bearable if it was in good condition but not my style or vintage! I am longing for a fresh, vintage look with a central island bench and adequate storage and display. Nothing too grand or expensive. Will be on a basic budget, but with character.So my aim is to work hard to sell wonderful things so my wonderful kitchen can happen.
My kitchen journal has begun! Darling hubby used to fit flatpack kitchens so he will be able to install one once we have the funds. Lucky me - a handy husband!
So lots of listing!
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I have about a dozen of the Doilies ready and will list some really wonderful tapestries today as well for tonight's upload. So tomorrow morning you can have a look and see if anything catches your eye. Some regretful sales as I would love to sew up a few of these myself if I had more time. The doilies would be easy and cheaper International shipping too as they can go as letters, not parcels.

I am still doing something wrong with loading photos to my blog so bear with me, I will get the hang of it sooner or later :) Irene

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Malissa said...

Very pretty doilies! On your earlier post with your boys- they are adorable! My little boy loves to invent things for his toys, too.
Just thought I'd come by for a visit and to say Hi!