Friday, February 13, 2009

I am Proud to be a Victorian and an Australian

This image was taken from the News services earlier this week. It shows a CFA Tanker from the suburb next to mine known as Cockatoo fighting the fires in the Bunyip State Forest which can be seen from my backyard. I showed the smoke plume that could be seen Feb 7 when our world went Black. These guys would have been out there amongst it as I took the photo. These are all Volunteer firefighters from their community. And these people are the Heroes.
Firefighters have come from all over the state and country to help as well as people from overseas, NZ and the US, to help. Fires still burn and towns are still on alert, though not high alert, but we pray that we are coming to the end of this terrible time in all our lives. It has touched everyone in some way.
The death toll sits somewhere around 180 at present but it is not finished yet. People are slowly returning to the burnt out areas to see for themselves what happened to their homes. They already talk of rebuilding. Many will never go back. Who can blame them.
People have donated everything possible for those who needed it. Telethons and fundraising is in full swing, in fact last night one of the television stations had a telethon that added $75 million to the Red Cross funds. Ordinary people are doing things like a garage sale or putting a fold up table in their main street and asking for clothing donations. Wonderful, thoughtful ordinary people who like all of us want to help in some way. I am proud to be a part of such a caring and supportive country.
I am also very thankful to all who have stopped by and left a message. It may seem a small thing but it has meant a great deal to me.
I am very proud to be a part of this magnificent Nation. We are amazingly resilient and generous people. I couldn't live anywhere else.
Irene x

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The Vintage Rose said...

Yes it is indeed heartening to see the response of Aussies in this time of great tragedy.