Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ta Daaaa

Here it is....My new Bernina Bernette 66 Sewing machine. After due consideration and advice from the experts...thanks girls.... I visited one of the best Sewing Machine suppliers in Melbourne - Camberwell Sewing Centre, and discussed what would suit with the lovely Proprietor Pat and made my choice. She was a patient and knowledgeable lady. A great place to look for a sewing machine.

All that is left to do now is learn how to use it properly and begin sewing!!!! Yay!!!.

I even bought a Walking foot so that I can make proper Raggy Quilts. (ouch... they are not cheap!)

Thought I might also show you a few of my latest finds. Some will be listed soon in my eBay store and others are in the maybe or I'm not sure when stage. I should have a nice selection available by Sunday evening. Need to pay off the Sewing Machine don't I!

This is a beautiful white hand crocheted throw or spread. Thought you could even use it on a table. Very heavy crochet but just gorgeous! Lovely on a bed!

I also have this great little tin with a French Poodle and Kitten on it. Original Vintage item. A little Gem! Just so cute! I can remember this style of thing from my childhood.

Some lovely aqua/green cotton fabric. Lightweight Sateen. Vintage too as it is the old 90 cm width, not the newer 112 cms that they have now. Mint condition. Lovely colours.

What do you think of this lovely old printed tablecloth? This is an oldie but in great condition. Australian birds. Great old vintage colours and design. Even the writing on it has character. I love it! Looks 40/50's at a guess.

This is one very red doily. It has the white piping sewn in that pattern and then the flowers were embroidered. Fabulous Red and lovely, graceful edges . Love the white on this Red. Very much a feature item.

That's it for now, time to get these two rascals some dinner. I have found that they are not so good at feeding themselves these days. They prefer Ice-cream and Chocolate based diets.

Just to let you know that there are still fires burning however it seems most are under control and our hard working Firemen may yet see the end of all this. Don't forget to pray, send good thoughts, donate or whatever you can do to help us to rebuild the lives of so many people who lost so much on that Black Saturday.

Warm wishes to all, Irene x

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kana said...

Congrats on the new sewing machine! I hope that it will be great and that you like it.