Friday, February 27, 2009

A Trying Centrepiece

I have been an admirer of Cindy's 'My Romantic Home' Blog since I stated looking at blogs. (I'll add a link to my sidebar)She has a wonderful inate sense of beauty without a doubt. I thought I would like to have a go at a centrepiece for one of her monthly centrepiece parties. Wanted to have an Easter theme.
It is harder than it looks! I gave myself a short window of time between all the other daily 'things' and gave it a go.
What I ended up with at the end was a little Easter Banner. See above!

I started with this...

and didnt like it when I viewed the images...

so it slowly reduced to this!

Oh well. Might give it another go on a day sans kids :)
Hope whatever you are doing is a good one!

Irene x


kana said...

I like the bunny banner!

Dresden Plate said...

I thought your banner was very attractive...I only wish I knew where to start!

Leslie said...

Cute banner, Love the bunnies!