Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My first sewing project on my NEW Machine and Barkcloth

Stopped in at a favourite fabric shop not long ago and found some lovely Moda fabric that co-ordinated beautifully and using an old 'Handmade' pattern sewed up some little pocket hearts to put in my Etsy shop.The diagonal piece is a separate piece you could use to hide or store little treasures or perhaps as a little pincushion and emergency sewing storage pocket.Six in all with alternating and co-ordinating fabrics for the backs and fronts.

I will also add some of my Vintage Fabric Wall Art. A couple of fabulous Barkcloths.

A delicate Sanderson fabric with the sweetest of roses.

And a bouquet of the most beautiful flowers on the palest of Pink. All vintage fabrics from my collection. How I have the courage to cut into them sometimes astounds even me!! LOL

My Jewel in the collection is my Glen Park Barkcloth. One piece I rescued from filth - three soaks and washes to get it clean!

I have one cushion I will put in of this.
I have just started my Etsy shop after quite a while of trying to work it all out as well as finding some time for the listing itself. Who knows... maybe I will actually sell something! As I write this I only have one thing there but by tomorrow hopefully all of these will be listed :)
Hope you enjoyed a little of my 'work'.
Whatever you are doing I hope its a good one! Irene x


Sue said...

Hi Irene, they are all gorgeous, well done! Im a big fan of barkcloth, I have many designs, not sure of names, but been collecting for years.Ive made many cushions, but cant part with them!

Sriram said...

Hi Friend.. Interesting post.. Keep up the good work..Do find time to drop by my site and post your views... Take care.. Cheers mate!!!

Erin said...

LOVE the barkcloth art. Is it stretched on canvas? That's a fabulous idea! I'm a sucker for vintage linens, and it's nice to see them used for something good instead of hidden away in a drawer.

The Catnap Cottage said...

The little hearts are adorable and I LOVE that pillow!!

Dresden Plate said...

Beautiful fabrics. I'm not too sure what Barkcloth is?