Monday, March 16, 2009

A Little 70's Sewing Nostalgia

I found a little book this morning and I could not help but be amused by the pictures in it. I thought you might enjoy it too.
It is a publication obviously biased towards Elna sewing machines and it gives instructions on how to sew clothes. It even includes a pattern for a three way outfit designed by the great and wonderfully talented Prue Acton. I have dated this to around the late 70's though it doesnt actually state it on the book anywhere. The designs are quite nice and no doubt would be lovely even today in a more contemporary fabric. However Prue Acton is not the reason I am showing you the pictures from the book.
To begin....I can date the publication from this... it is from our lovely editors Hair style on the frontpiece of the book.
Yes Princess Leia was the inspiration for this great 'do'! Or perhaps she was really eager for the understudy role. And all ready to sew her costume.
I can imagine how cringeworthy this would be to her today! Oh dear.....and some of us actually did this to our hair too!
This is the magazine cover laid flat so that you can see the three Prue Acton designs you could sew from the pattern provided. Great poses. The middle one looks like she is in the middle of 'Heads, shoulders, knees and toes...'The remainder of the images are some of the pictures of suggested fashions that you could sew for yourself.
I especially love the platforms and the poses are so daggy. I had platforms in the 70's, mind you I was in my teens and they were all the rage - dark brown flares etc... AND I already sewed my own clothes at that age. Yes, another 'Oh dear'. Yes, I was a dag!I have to apologise for the quality of the pics as they were taken with a camera as I dont have a scanner so some are not that great, but you will get the gist!
Very politically incorrect today!

This is actually a nice skirt and I could see it being worn even today.

This was a very popular style in the late 70's. I had a short version of this style (different fabric of course)but I doubt I ever looked this graceful.
Dont you love the all in one pants suit. Going to the loo was never so adventurous in one of those!

The poor little kid on the left looks terrified, perhaps its the material in his shirt or the tight white knee highs that is scaring him.But these would have to be my favourite platforms! Check them out....Pink Suede laceups! OOOOWeeeee!

A groovy way to wear a very long t-shirt. These always reminded me of a nightie even then.

Well, hoped you enjoyed this little bit of nostalgia.

The book is called 'The Sun and the Herald Dollar Home Dressmaking Guide' by Janette Fletcher. It was probably a $1 publication that you could buy with a coupon or suchlike from the Herald or the Sun Newspapers ( Melbourne Newspapers at the time)
I will be listing this book in my eBay store soon if you are interested or contact me here if you want some more information. The Prue Acton pattern is still stapled in the middle.

Smiles to all :) Irene x

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