Saturday, March 14, 2009

Problem solved thanks to Blogging

I have one actual reminder of my beloved Grandmother in my home. I have her Glory box. It is not a valuable antique or an object of great design merit, it is a simple and no doubt cheap at the time plywood and cedar box with a drawer inside the top, decorated with a little Art Deco design.

I was very fortunate that I was allowed to have it with her blessing while she was still alive and it took a trip to the country to visit an Aunt who was in possession of it at the time. It was in her back Sun room and had not been taken much care of, in fact her Siamese Cats had even urinated on it. Suffice to say I bundled it into the back of my little Hatchback and took it home for suitable fumigation and cleaning. It took a fair bit of cleaning to dispel the obvious but I managed it. Not in pristine condition but I hesitate to remove the 'life' from it.
Many years on, I still have it and it never fails to remind me of my wonderful 'Gran' every time I see it.
My problem was that I have it in our Living room. We have a small house and not a lot of space and two young boys can be a little rough at times. I had decided to use it as our Coffee Table in front of the sofa and the boys have found it the perfect height to do their Lego on, however just having a cloth over it was not working as the cloths slipped off all the time.
Joni has a wonderful Blog full of the most wonderful houses and interiors. One not so long ago had wonderful slipcovers for some furniture that were custom made and as I was looking at them it occurred to me why don't I slipcover my Grandmothers Glory Box to protect it. Hmmmm. Could be the thing.

As you can see I have finally put my New Sewing Machine to good use and made one!

The fabric was an Ebay buy a few months ago. I bought it for some new scatter cushions.
But here it is!
Thanks for the inspiration Joni! I am rather pleased with the end result. And it was Custom made to fit, on site and in 1 1/2 days! I even gently padded the top for safety.

...and I have 'just' enough for a couple of scatter cushions too. :)

Irene x

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Cote de Texas said...

What a cleaver idea! that way it is protected, and softer for the kids - and it is really cute too! thanks so much for the shout out! But I didn't invent slipcovers, haha!!!! I just LOVE them!

thank you again, so much!