Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Fathers Roses

Just because they are so beautiful and nearly all are different roses from his garden. Stunning! My father has not been well for a while now but despite everything he still ensures that his beloved garden and vege patch are taken care of.

Each a work of Art! Thank you Dad.

May your day be blessed with beauty too.
Irene x


Dresden Plate said...

Irene, they are absolutely beautiful. I love roses, and couldnt have a garden without as many as possible.

titikpuspa said...

Warm greeting from Indonesia!

Malissa said...

Those roses are gorgeous! That they are out of your dad's garden makes them even more beautiful! You have a lot of new posts to catch up on since I have been away from my computer! I have a lot of catching up to do!

kana said...

The roses are beautiful and even better to be from your Dad's yard. I hope he is feeling better!

our shabby cottage said...

Oh, those roses are beautiful. Thanks for popping by - the ebay thing cracked me up too!