Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A morning I needed to have....but.

Yesterday was the first day I actually have had time to myself, with the boys back at school for the new term and hubby at work. I had about 2 hours of quiet. I have had a pressing need to be creative for a few days now. It's like a fly that wont stop buzzing around my head.

On the way home from dropping off Big Boy from school I stopped off at the local Op Shop as I usually do and found a small wooden bookcase for $5. The brain began ticking immediately....

Make full use of my two hours!!
I threw a bag of plant food around my meagre garden so now it smells like fertiliser every time I go outside!

Then I set up the bookcase and diligently stripped the paintwork, washed it down and sanded it! Two hours gone already and a sore wrist to boot!

By now it was time to pick up Big Boy Too from Kinda.

He managed to get a lunch of sorts and he helped me with some sanding which was fun for a while.

I even got one coat of primer on.

I am planning on painting some floral designs on it from a book I purchased from The Book Depository last year. I'll keep you up to date on this project.

Did me the world of good having the opportunity to get my hands dirty!

Later that evening I even made a little stuffed Scotty dog for a birthday gift. From scratch- I even drew up the pattern from a picture.

Used some of my pretty vintage pink Barkcloth and a lovely Rose print. It's for a 4 year old Kinda gal pal who is having a party at McDonalds on Sunday! Big Boy Too will be ecstatic! McDonalds!!

I hope she likes it.

But the dishes were left in the sink, and the washing etc... didn't get done, and I have spent my time this morning catching up on what didn't get done yesterday!

Now, can I squeeze in another coat of Primer before I go to pick up Big Boy Too......?

Irene x

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Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

Hi Irene, love that little doggie, looks so pretty. Cant wait to see what you do with that fabric yuo bought from me!