Monday, June 15, 2009

Vintage Victorian Calling Cards

I have seen plenty of beautiful Victorian Postcards. The sort that have hands entwined, flowers and sweet little verses extolling the virtues of friendship or motherhood etc... but had never seen 'calling cards' in the same vein.

In my blogging travels I came across the shop
'Bella Rosa Antiques' (in the US) and the divine Jill Stone sold me some. Jill also has a blog so be sure to check it out too.

Cost me about $12 Aust $'s I think all up, so very much in my budget. Jill even added a sweet New Year 1913 Postcard as a gift. This was the year my darling late Gran was born.

So pretty too. These are my next collectable I think! You lift the little illustration to reveal the persons name. How cute are these!

I have a growing collection of smallish Vintage frames and when funds allow I shall be making a trip to my friendly local framer to display them properly.
Irene x

Update: Just went to Bella Rosa Antiques to check the address for the link and she has MORE!!!! (So I bought some.....thanks Jill!)


Kellie ~ Ada and Darcy said...

WOW such a lovely find... Dont you just love the blog world. Brings friends together!

Malissa said...

Those are so beautiful! I love that you lift the picture to read the name. They are going to make beautiful treasures to hang around your house.

Leslie said...

You always find the best goodies! The cards are beautiful!

Jillian said...

Oh my goodness, Irene! What a lovely write up you did on the calling cards. I am so thrilled you like them and may end up framing them in a display! They will look charming, I'm sure!

I do think I have a few left (this latest set you purchased however were the BEST I'd seen yet)...when you get a moment you can check out our "Ephemera" category here #7015:

and here #7126:

Again, thanks so much for the sweet words on our site...and do have fun with your new collection! I've always loved victorian calling cards!