Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday Morning Meanderings

Went for a quick mooch around a few of my fave Opp Shops this morning and this is what I came home withA Beautiful old crocheted edge cloth.

A pale pink Tuscan trio

Buckles, buttons and ribbon.

A fine, white, large, crocheted square tablecloth as well as a very fine cream crocheted set of three doilies with a bird in the design.

The sweetest crisp white cotton apron with lovely cotton lace.

3/4 of a curly chenille bedspread, all clean and white.

A Hat Box!!!

A little worse for the wear but I'm delighted. I now have two! As well as some nice vintage kitchen glass items and another vintage suitcase for my linen storage.

A very 'white' morning :)

The hat box has scrubbed up very well but will need some repair to the stitching.

What treasures have you found lately?

My Barkcloth Wall Art/First blogging Anniversary giveaway finishes July 30 so please feel more than welcome to leave a comment and be in the draw.

Thanks for dropping by... Irene x


Eileen said...

I'm loving it all!
And I'm really coveting the pale pink dish set! So pretty!
Thanks for sharing!

Eilleen said...

I always seem to come to your blog after Eileen has been :)

I LOVE your finds!! I especially love the hat box.

No treasures for me lately (because of my no-spend week)...but yesterday I did get an old push mower from freecycle and it still works! Not pretty but its very cool to me!

Beach Vintage said...

Wow, I just bought a hat box very similar to this a few weeks ago. I have painted it stark white and it looks fabulous.

Sharon said...

What beautiful finds! Okay, now I've got to go searching.

Sue said...

Well hello, I thought Id lost you! I must have too many favs on my side bar, as some of you went missing! Just in the nick of time, please count me in your draw!!
I have that same hat box, had it for years, its full of small pillows, and I love that chenille piece, you did well.
Dont forget to pick ne!

Vintage Girl said...

Oh my, so glad I found your blog. You are a lady after my own heart. I have been reading your blog the past half hour and just loving all your vintage treasures. I LOVE to shop for such treasures and display them in my home or repurpose them. Have a beautiful day! Heather