Sunday, July 26, 2009

Vintage Tablecloths

It's a funny thing how often you get a run of the same sort of things sometimes. I have had the good fortune to come across a nice range of Vintage tablecloths from more than one source in the last week or two.
I will list some of them tonight on my Ebay store. All of the ones shown will be there.
The old Souvenir cloths are just so much fun! The wonderful colours and the style of illustration are so endearing, Much more so than the ones around lately.
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I do love having you all drop by so this is a small way to say thanks and celebrate my first year of blogging :)
Irene x


Eileen said...

These are all so beautiful! Lucky finds!
I've been on a search these past few weeks with no luck! We were supposed to go to a big antique fair in upstate New York today but plans got canceled. We did go to a local second-hand store, but no luck!
Enjoy yours!
All the best,

Eilleen said...

Hey its the other Eilleen here! (hehe)

Those tablecloths are gorgeous!! I love love vintage fabrics. You can do so much with them! And not to mention the linen is a much superior quality than many of the ones we see in the shops today.

Beach Vintage said...

Congrats on your first year of blogging. Lovely tablecloths.