Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Finds

Back again! Sorry that I have not posted lately. This past week or so has been a little more hectic than usual for lots of small reasons so my rather rough and flexible schedule has been blown out the window! But hopefully now I am back to some semblance of normal (haha) as I managed to pay a visit to a few places of interest this week (my interests by the way!) and here are the few but fine finds I have to show off...
Yes, ....I know its a Commode Chair but with a little paint and new upholstery it will become a chair for the verandah - might post a before and after on this. Some lovely floral barkcloth for the seat and a few pretty little cushions, should be the thing...
A lovely pressed Glass candlestick, nicely shaped lampshade that may yet get a new coat and a Vintage natural Linen Damask towel. A Carlton Ware Daisy Butter dish and knife still with its box. The knife has been broken and repaired but the dish is perfect!

A piece of Ikea fabric from 'The Berch Collection -Anno 1734, Nordiska Museet' Cannot go past the blue and white in any language!

An original Oil painting by an artist by the name of Althea Allen. Exquisitely painted pink Roses.

Some of this will end up in my Ebay store in time.
Better be off, need to ice the cupcakes for my Big Boys student teachers last day and Birthday! Have to be at school by 2.00!
Have a wonderful weekend one and all and let me know what you have found lately too.
Irene x


Eileen said...

Great post! Great finds! I love them all!
All the best,

Eilleen said...

OMG, I love love that dish and the fabric!!! Can I go op shopping with you someday? The op shop fairies seem to really favour you!!

Elizabethd said...

What pretty fabric the blue and white is...and also the rose painting. You have some interesting finds!

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

LOVE your finds!!!! Great job this go round, you scored big!! Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog. You are so sweet and kind as always, I wish I could visit your neck of the woods one day!! I can only imagine living in another country, how crazy exciting !!! Me and Hubby are off Sunday to the Longest Yardsale in America,it is a 650 mile sale that runs one highway Ohio to Alabama, never been so excited about it I am almost to pee my pants, you will have to Google it, HGTV will cover it all weekend. We are going to go to the Tennessee portion of it. tootles, Janna

Vintage Girl said...

Lovely treasures! I love the blue and white fabric. I LOVE blue yet I don't have one room in my home that's blue...hmmm...we are renovating part of our home and I've decided the bathroom is going to be a lovely light blue and chocolate brown. You find the most beautiful things on your shopping trips. Heather