Monday, August 10, 2009

Galahs at Footy and Too Many Cushions!

These fellows were happily amusing themselves near the top of one of the trees next to the Junior Footy Oval Saturday morning while all the littlies were out running around for their Auskick session. These are common to our area. Very pretty birds. Galahs. And some pretty cushions that are taking up room in my house. Some are currently for sale in my Ebay shop and some of the others will be sometime.

One day I will have a covered and closed in verandah area (like a sunroom) that I can have comfy chairs and lots of pretty cushions everywhere. I've certainly amassed enough pretty fabric! But there is always more for the collection out there somewhere.....

It's no use having 'nice' cushions in our house - the Big Boys end up throwing them around and lying on them on the floor. At four and seven, life is a big storybook and cushions are for playing or hitting each other with (!). You know what I mean :)

So, I make them to please myself, hopefully sell a few and the rest go into storage.

There's only a wooden garden seat under the chenille :(
What have you got too much of but cannot get enough of!!?
Irene x


Elizabethd said...

Irene, what pretty cushions! I love the blue and white one.
I've got too many sheets in my linen cupboard, but cant resist collecting lovely bedlinen!

The Catnap Cottage said...

Well, Irene, I have the same disease, the vintage fabric collector disease and I don't want to be cured either!! LOL! I love the pillows! Wish we were closer and we could peek into each other's stash!! Have a great week!!

Eilleen said...

Those cushions are just gorgeous. and my little ones jump all over them too. :)

I have to say, I can not resist pretty tins. I have quite a few now and every now and then I think that its enough...then I find more uses for them and therefore need more. hehe

Vintage Girl said...

Another vintage fabric collector here, such beautiful prints that you don't see today...Pretty birds and cushions! I know what you mean about all the cushions. My "little" boys are now 19 and 20and used to have so much fun pillow fighting....oh until someone got hurt! I love the chenille blanket you have the pillows displayed on, chenille is so comfy and cozy and looks great on a bed filled with pillows and a quilt laying across the bottom. Have a great day!! Heather

Kellie Collis said...

Such stunning fabrics! I love these. So charming and unique x

Eileen said...

Beautiful cushions! You really have a wonderful talent!

I have way too many linens! And owls! And tiny tea sets! But, yet, I keep acquiring more and more of each!

I'm going to check out your cushions now.

Oh, and I LOVE those birds in your area, how lucky you are to see that color and beauty all the time!
All the best,

kana said...

Looks like you have been busy making pretty pillows! My son pushes all of them on the is a daily battle!

Beach Vintage said...

Lovely cushions. I adore them.

sinnlighet said...

Love your pic's and your comments on my blog!


helle - said...

Oohh, your cushions are so pretty. I completely share your love for old vintage fabrics in any form.

Found your blog via Agneta from Wabi Sabi.

Have a nice weekend!