Friday, September 18, 2009

Blog This Challenge 17~ What makes me smile

This makes me smile~everytime!! Presents for Mummy!!! (It was a Special Mothers Day occasion at Big Boy Too's Pre-school.
This blog posted for the Blog This Challenge No. 17.
:) Irene x


WelfareWisdom said...

That's gorgeous! I love home/hand made delights from my chidlers. I never know whatI am going to get but I love getting them because you know they have poured their heart and imagination into every inch of it:) Lucky you:)

helle - said...

Oh, what a wonderful image of the happy child (yours, I asume?) presenting goodies for mother. Absolutely cute....

Have a fine weekend.


Shabbyfufu said...

What a sweet happy child!

Elise said...

Made me smile too ! Thank you

Eileen said...

This is so heart-warming!
It makes me smile, but it brings tears to my eyes too!
All the best,