Friday, September 18, 2009

What I have been up to in between the rest......

Been very busy one way and another but I have managed to do a little bit of creating in between the rest of it all and thought you may like to see.

Thankyou to all the lovely people who commented on my fabulous lace buy. I have made one cushion and trimmed it with some of the white lace. Its not completely sewn up yet but I have included one photo albeit badly lit. I promise more (and better pics)soon.

This was a white linen damask (roses) napkin with an 'EB' monogram that had seen better days. Now it is a pretty lace edged cushion!

I also had a go at Bunting with some fabric samples I picked up at an Op Shop a while ago. Big Boy Too is helping to make a Fairy Garden at his Pre-school next term so I used the scrap pieces to make a fairy banner as his contribution (first image). I also made three lengths of properly sewn banners, one of which is for the boys bedroom. I have just hung new curtains so these hang a little like a Valance and help create a focus. I am very happy with these and how they decorate the room. The boys bedroom, like the rest of the house is in dire need of renovation so forgive the grubby-havent been painted in 30 years walls! They're on the list!!

Painting is a little more work and inconvenience than changing the curtains with two boys sleeping in there. They needed better blockout and thermal insulation over their windows so I put them up. Eventually I plan on painting the boys beds as well as the walls and we are working towards a carnival/castle-y theme.
Now I had better get some washing going....!
Have a wonderful weekend and may all those hardworking teachers enjoy their next two weeks term break here in Victoria and where-ever else holidays have begun!!
I'll be back to join your ranks next year.
Irene x

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