Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'M Exited by Thursday Thrifts and 100th Post Give-away

Hi all :)
Things are looking up!
I finally found my two giveaway gifts for a start and yes we are all over whatever the lurgie was last post!
So in honour of my 100th post and in true blogging style I would like to announce a little give-away of two books direct from the online pages of The Book Depository!
(These are brand new but I will admit I have had a look through them)
Two books, which means two giveaways!
The first is a lovely book~Homemade by Ros Badger and Elspeth Thomson. 2009
"A contemporary take on over 100 things to make. Homemade is packed full of things that make life a little better. From cupcakes and cordials to crocheted coat hangers and clever Christmas cards. Over 100 ideas for adding individuality to your home and to the things you give. Chic, yet practical."

And a sweet little reference book ~'101 Living Rooms-Stylish Room Solutions'
A great reference book full of lovely living room ideas

So to be in the running to win either of these great books just leave a comment on this or the next few posts up until Sunday the 1st of November. The winner will be drawn on Sunday :)
Open to the world!! I will post anywhere or order you one from the Book Depository.
Really simple and with no strings attached :)
More than one comment ~ your name will be included again :)
I am not interested in linking or twittering etc... for more entries, this is a thankyou to everyone who takes the time to spend a little of your valuable time here with me.
So remember, all you have to do is leave a comment to be entered.
And I couldn't pass up the opportunity to share my small thrifting finds today from the two Op shops in my little home town of Emerald.
A very cute old frame with a Parisian scene, a set of plated spoons beautifully presented in their original box from a now defunct store in Melbourne.

...and the thing I am very exited about!!
A Vintage 60's cotton playsuit/swimsuit in blue and white!
Label says it is an XSSW so quite a small fit (noNo! not to fit
Very clean condition but needs an iron. I couldn't wait to share!

The back.
I know... I get exited by the oddest things...story of my life :)
What do you think Simone ~ Frame-able!!? ;)
Look foward to having you all enter my give-away.
Lots of thanks and best wishes ~ Irene x


Beach Vintage said...

OMG That little blue floral playsuit is adorable. This books are a fabulous giveaway. Good luck everyone!

Elizabethd said...

Irene, I had a little red playsuit similar to that when I was 15! That's a long time ago!
I'd love to enter your draw, thank you for making it worldwide.

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

ooooh I do love that little blue and white suit. Noice finds, Emerald oppies are great! throw me into your draw young lady, I hope I win ;0)

helle - said...

Hello Irene, of course I will participate in your 100 post give-away!

Give-away or not, I would definately comment on your little vintage suit, such a cute thing. And I fully understand your exitement when you find these treasures...... hugs Helle

Iphigenia said...

thanks irene for being so generous.....i also love the blue playsuit and the parisian scene...good finds you luck gal...have a nice evening!!!

Kellie Collis said...

Ah such lovely books! Gorgeous! x

Vintage Girl said...

Lovely finds! It's so fun when you find such neat things. I went to our local thrift shop yesterday and found a solid wood chair with a curved back, been looking for a few years and there it was....all of $2.00! So very generous of you to have a giveaway and the books are terrific...I'm lovin' that patchwork wall....awesome! Have a beautiful day! Heather

Mands said...

Gorgeous swimsuit! I always little vintage things too. Your giveaway looks wonderful.

Sue said...

How sweet, imagine wearing it!
Love your giveaway! I love books, so pleze!
I have an award for you, so pop on over!

Prudence said...

This playsuit is awesome... And the colour is divine... What a find! Px said...

oh! I'd be honoured to participate...please!

Six in One Hand said...

Congratulations on your 100th post!!!

I stumbled onto your blog and I'm glad that I did!!!!

What a wonderful blog!!!
I just became a follower and will definitley be back. :)

Ticking and Toile said...

love the swimsuit!! totally frame it! wouldn't it be cute framed in a shadow box lined w/ some vintage newspaper or something? Also, love the vintage picture..yummy.

Thanks so much for the sweet comments regarding the loveseat...yep, I am liking the cream w/ the white & I SO need to figure out how to make those cute burlap-y pillows!

And thanks also for sending the sunshine! I actually see a bit of blue sky right now :-) send more..send more..send more... :-)

love the book~ what a nice giveaway!



Ticking and Toile said...

ok didn't mean to leave my name twice, but in deciding whether or not to say sorry I did that...I realized I could get entered 2x for the drawing if I leave another comment!! lol!


Shellagh said...

oh love the playsuit, so gorgeous, imagine wearing it in those days? how much fun! would look fabulous framed I think....

not sure if your giveaway is still open, I'd love to win that book


nellbe said...

I love the Homemade book so fingers crossed for me ;) Thanks for the chance!

IRENE said...

Hello Irene,
I discovered your blog following a link. So glad I did!
I have wanted to read Elspeth Thompson's book ever since it was published. Have you seen her blog?
Please enter my name! Thank you!

IRENE said...

Oh, and I am following you by my own free will, so as not to lose your blog!