Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Pictures and dont forget anyone is welcome to enter my Bloggy Give-away!

Hello everyone :)
First of all I would like to invite you and remind you that I am having a Bloggy give-away to celebrate my 100th post. Just leave a comment to enter and it is open to the world. Check out my previous blog for more information and more on the two books. I thought you may like to see some of my wonderful picture finds from the last few years. These are the keepers. I have some really nice framed prints, paintings and tapestries go through my hands but some I just can't seem to part with. My home is not one that would easily grace any publication even my blog so I thought I would share some of my 'things' instead. And what they cost so that I can confirm that the hunt is so often successful with just a little money but a lot of patience.

A wonderful Gladioli print in the most divine and well kept frame ~$20 OP shop buy

Little oil on milk glass in a lovely home made frame ~$5 Op Shop buy
Sweet oil of pink Roses. I had this framed up along with the next one. There is a third Pastel roses that is my favourite one of all that is yet to be framed as I have not found the right frame yet. All by the same artist ~$25 Op Shop Buy (sorry about the terrible reflection, so hard to avoid)

Pink Roses Oil as above.

Interesting hand signed print I found maybe 20 years ago in a little antique shop in Toorak. I think I paid maybe $10 for it.

Degas print~ I refinished the frame with some white paint as the gold was too stark. $2 Op Shop

Oil on wood ~ These are known as Sunday paintings I believe. I have yet to see one as good as this in my limited experience. $55 from a second hand shop

This and the next Sunday painting I bought together on Ebay for $40

An original Pastel of Roses by a living artist in NSW who actually confirmed it was her work for me. $15 Op Shop

A beautiful acrylic on board ~ I have posted this quite a while ago. This would be close to my favourite picture. $5 OP Shop

...and lastly my little Bathing Boxes. A small watercolour that reminds me of my childhood beach trips here in Melbourne along the Bay :) $2 Op Shop.
I always wonder how some of these beautiful things have been discarded so easily. But maybe this part of their journey is now part of mine, and a little of yours.
Best wishes to you all, Irene x
(ps) I have a lot of bloggy catching up to do so I promise to get back to lots of kind people very soon :)


Elizabethd said...

The picture of the bathing huts is also very English. It took me straight back to childhood days on the beach in UK.

helle - pirettehuset.dk said...

You seem to be attracted to paintings and drawings of flowers, they are also in my opinion very charming. Do like the framings as well!

Good luck with your give-away, I believe I´m in?