Monday, November 30, 2009


Found via wabi & sabi

An amazing blog!

Irene x


Eileen said...

I know!!
We've been doing this in my family forever (or I should say TRYING to do this), it's impossible!

Tell me if you ever meet anyone who can do it!
Cute post!
All the best to you,

abby jenkins said...


helle - said...

It´s totally true Irene, just tryed! And you´re right, amazing blog!

Hugs Helle

Beach Vintage said...

Our brains are freaky things aren't they? I am posting about my tins today Irene if you are interested in taking a look. said...

ooh, this is weird

Jessica Cangiano said...

This is so true...I've been trying to conquer this peculiar bodily response for years (well, every now and then, not constantly! ;D) and have yet to beat day, I keep telling myself, one day I'll do it! :D

Thank you sweetly for your wonderful comments, dear soul, I really hope your week is off to a splendid start!
♥ Jessica

pve design said...

freaky is right!