Sunday, May 15, 2011

Oh! what should I choose????

I'm in total prep mode for the
***Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza***
Tags are made

Linen is being washed, dried, freshened, aired, ironed....made!!...

and the selection process is in full swing

sheesh!...what to take...?

or leave....?

It's challenging I have to say, so many little decisions...
but its going to be FAB-U-LOUS!!!!!
Make it if you can.
18 sellers of the most seriously extra-ordinary Shabby, Vintage, Junk goodies ever!!!
(me...I'm one of them..)
You will regret it otherwise as this is not a regular monthly event let me tell you.

When - Friday 3rd June & Saturday 4th June 2011

What Time - Friday: 12noon - 1pm (Early Birds ONLY - Bookings Essential)
1pm - 6pm (General entry)
Saturday: 8am - 4pm (General entry)

Where - ASHBURTON SCOUT HALL, 337 High Street, Ashburton (Melways ref# 60 E10)

Parking - Ample FREE parking for our Customers is available adjacent to the Scout Hall. There is also free parking available in the streets surrounding the hall.

Wheelchairs & Prams - The Scout Hall does not currently have ramp access however, the step into the hall is quite low & we will be able to assist anyone in a wheelchair wishing to visit....!!
Mums & Dads with prams are welcome however, due to the amount of people moving about the hall it is preferable (when possible) prams be 'parked' in the foyer while you're shopping.

Amenities - There are no public toilets available on the premises for our Customers.

Entry Fee - $5.00 General Entry (per person), $15.00 Early Bird Entry (per person).

Payment Options - This will vary from Vendor to Vendor so to be on the safe side, make sure you bring plenty of cash. There are ATM's just down from the Scout Hall in High Street & Safeway is 300m up the road for EFT withdrawals.

Vendor Enquiries - If you're interested in participating in the NEXT Shabby Vintage Junk Extravaganza scheduled for this coming October, please contact Tamarah at
...and if you don't drop by and say Hi when you're there I will be so disappointed. I want to meet as many bloggy friends as possible!!!!!
I'm so nervous, it's my first time!


The Catnap Cottage said...

don't be nervous! :-) you will be fine and i am sure you will pick wonderful items - everyone loves you! just have fun! :-) xx c

Lyndel said...

oh dont be nervous, excited YES! I'll be sure to say hi, if I can get anywhere near your stand, I'm sure with all that I see there you'll be too busy to 'blog chat'.♥
love the tags, btw.. and dont forget a 'bumbag' or shoulder bag to keep your money in. The one thing about having a Market or any other stall is keep yr cash by yr side, not in a sweet/cute tin or box.
Can't wait to meet you.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Wow! You have lots of amazing things there! Good Luck and have a fab time xx

The Pink Poodle said...

Dear will BE FINE!!~~ (says scaredy cat old me)..

Hey..I am sooo less stressed now that we can set up the day before (like last year)..
than having to get it all organised in a few hours..

All the girls are if one of us gets a tad stressed..heaps more to help out..

should be a fab event..

xx andrea

Bayside Rose said...

Irene, you have quite a collection there - take it all.

I am sure you will have an amazing time.

Pam x

Monique said...

Wonderful array you have!! Wish I was there 'cos then I'd get to see you!!

helle said...

You can take whatever you have space for, everything looks great Irene, and I wish you good luck with the sale!

Hugs Helle

fabriquefantastique said...

I know how you feel....I always end up taking much too much.....but then, if you don't take it you can't sell it my hubby says.